Sleeping Hummingbird

Here is a video of a sleeping hummingbird:

The bird is in a special container to measure its oxygen consumption, and it was safely released after the experiment.

The students who performed these experiments also took pictures while they were gathering birds to observe.

Baby Sunangel

Violet-throated Starfrontlet

Chestnut-breasted Coronet

(all images from photobucket)

What Kind of Bird is Big Bird?

Have you ever wondered what kind of bird Big Bird is?

I had never really considered it until I happened across a video today that is a hilarious explanation from Mike Dickison, a zoologist.

He gave a presentation which features his studies of flightless birds and what he believes could be Bid Bird utilizing science and humor to create something I found very entertaining.

I wish I could share the video on here directly, but I do not know how, so please visit What, if anything, is Big Bird? to see the video and learn more about Mr. Dickison.

Could he be part Emu?

Watch the video to find out!