Puppy Bowl IX

Puppy Bowl 9 is this Sunday (Feb 3, at 3 pm) on Animal Planet!


This years game returns with new adorable puppies, kitten halftime show, hamster blimp, Meep the bird, and on the sidelines this year are hedgehogs (possibly wearing tutus).


As usually, the Puppy Bowl airs before the “big game” so you do not have to miss either one! If you are unable to watch at 3, the Bowl replays a few times so you can catch it later.

Here are a few of the starting line up:

1. Althea the female Australian Shepherd and Catahoula Mix


2. Aurora the female Siberian Husky and Retriever Mix


3. Bessie the female Catahoula Leopard dog mix


4. Daisy the female Yorkshire Terrier


5. Marta the female Schnauzer and Beagle mix


6. Juniper the female Great Pyrenees


7. Nala the female Japanese Chin


8.Chestnut the male Labrador Retriever and Australian Shepherd mix


The full line up of puppies can be viewed at Puppy Bowl IX Starting Lineup

National Dog Day

Today, August 26th, is National Dog Day! A day meant to celebrate the dog in all of its glory! The first national dog day was in 2004 and it is meant to highlight pets, working dogs, and dogs in need of adoption.


Make sure to take a moment to give your dog a little extra attention in honor of the occasion! If you would like any ideas on how to celebrate, nationaldogday.com has a list of 50 ideas here.

Funny image to celebrate National Dog Day:

(found here)

I feel this is how all dogs I have ever owned thought!

Benji Casting Call

Do you love the Benji movies? Do you have a dog that has the Benji look?

A new Benji movie is going to be made and there is a casting call out to find the next dog to play Benji! If you think that your dog has that look or acting quality then you can enter your pet as a candidate. Simply upload a photo of your dog to the Benji the Movie facebook page – only one dog per photo, no people!

Here are the official guidelines:

Benji Casting Call Guidelines

Submissions to the Benji Casting Call should include your name (first name, last initial), the dog’s name, and the dog’s location (city, state, country). Each submission should feature one dog. While multiple submissions are permissible, multiple submissions of the same dog may be removed. Submissions deemed inappropriate will be removed, and offenders will be blocked from the Benji the Movie Facebook page.

By posting a photo to the Benji Casting Call, you grant Walden Media permission to publish your photo on the Benji the Movie Facebook page, and any other Walden Media property. You acknowledge that you are the owner of the photo, or that you have obtained proper consent from the owner. You must be 13 years or older to submit a photo to the Benji Casting Call. Adherence to these guidelines is each entrant’s responsibility, and is a condition to the submission of photos.

While all submissions will be reviewed, there is no guarantee that the next Benji will be selected from the Casting Call.

Walden Media does not encourage or support the submission of any comments, information, photos, videos, links or other content (Third Party Content) to the Benji the Movie Facebook page which infringes the rights of any third party, violates any law or other legal authority, is false and/or misleading in any manner or which fails to comply with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions. Facebook’s Terms and Conditions. By viewing the Benji the Movie Facebook page, you acknowledge that any content uploaded by anyone other than Walden Media is the creation/views/responsibility of the submitter, and not Walden Media. Notwithstanding, Walden Media reserves the right, but assumes no obligation, to remove any Third Party Content in its sole discretion. Submission of any Third Party Content grants Walden Media and its agents an unlimited, worldwide, perpetual, license and right to publish, use, publicly perform such content, or any idea contained therein, or any portion thereof, in any way, in any and all media now known or hereinafter developed, without territorial time or other limitation, for commercial, advertising/promotional or any other purposes, without consideration to the submitter.Walden Media reserves the right to adopt additional terms or rules and to change or modify these terms or rules at any time.


Lucky the Dog

Lucky the dog, who holds the world record for animal most photographed with different celebrities (more than 300!), is going to have a wedding! While that might sound strange, the event is all for a good reason with charity in mind.

Betty White with Lucky:

Picture from animalfair.com

First, here is some back story: Lucky is a very pampered little white Maltese, who was a rescue, now living a life of luxury in Manhattan. Her owner, Wendy Diamond, founded Animal Fair Media to promote fairness for animals and rescues. Lucky has become somewhat of the company’s spokesdog – getting to meet the stars and have photos with them to share on the company website in an area called “Who Got Lucky?” She has helped to raise money for many different rescue organizations.

Lucky with owner Wendy

Picture from animalfair.com

Animal Fair’s website explains some further accomplishments for Lucky: ” She’s the Chair Dog of the Katrina Pet Memorial, and also has a wing named after her at the Humane Society of New York, honoring all she does to help animals in need worldwide. Some animal-related organizations that Lucky has aided through charity and media attention include: Delta Society, Humane Society of New York, PACT, Pixie Project, Elephant Nature Park, IFAW and the list goes on!”

What exactly is the wedding all about?

Lucky has been diagnosed with spleen cancer and may only have a few months left to live. Lucky was cancer free after treatment, but the survial rate for this type of cancer is only 5%. Facing this, Wendy decided to find Wendy a “mate” – someone to end up replacing her as animal spokesmen for Animal Fair. Wendy has organized this with lots of flair and publicity – and a couple events to help continue to raise money for her and Lucky’s cause.

This May Lucky had a bridal shower, in which she wore a frilly pink dress and got to lick icing off of cupcakes.

Picture from abc news/animal fair

The wedding is scheduled for July 12, and 300  guests were invited. The cost to attend is $200, all proceeds benefit the Human Society of New York. There will be an orchestra, a doggy buffet, and dog ring bearer and flower girl. The groom is, as of yet, unknown. The lucky groom will be chosen by an online competition on the animal fair website where anyone can enter their dog to eventually take Lucky’s place.  Applications can be made on Facebook or at animalfair.com, and the winner will be the one with the most votes. Cats are also allowed to apply. The winner will be announced June 28, 2 weeks before the wedding.

You can read more about the wedding at abc news.

Tim Tebow’s Dog

Tim Tebow, quarterback of the Jets, has decided to change the name of his dog. Once Bronco, Tebow’s Rhodesian Ridgeback is now Bronx.

I do not feel like he needed to rename the dog – I mean at least the name is close so the dog might not be that confused by it. The topic has come up on Twitter with people suggesting other possible but funny names with #RejectedTebowDogNames. Some of the suggestions include Elway, Champ, Starter, and Spiral.

As a puppy:

You can read more about the story on Yahoo! Sports.