Ferret in a Watering Can

I think ferrets are adorable! A few friends of mine have owned them but only explain they wont own any again. Not sure why they didn’t like them, but they seem like awesome pets as far as interaction, play, and care go. Of course, this house hold is ruled by guinea pigs!

In any event, here is a picture of a ferret in a watering can:

So photogenic!

Puppies VS Babies

Animal Planet is having an online photo contest featuring your photos of puppies and babies with a chance to win $5,000!  The contest is currently open for picture submissions, and online voting will begin Saturday October 22.

The rules for the contest are at animal.discovery.com.

Here are the steps they list to enter the contest:

1. Find (or take) a picture to submit of a puppy or baby no more than 18 months old at the time the picture is taken. This means you can submit pictures take a number of years ago. The complete rules for what pictures are eligible for entry can be found here.

2. Submit the photo with your information (and a bit about the subject in the picture) on the contests main page.

3. Vote on October 22 – the votes will determine a top baby and a top puppy to compete in the championship round.

The baby and puppy that make it that far will get $5000!

I wish that I had pictures of one of the two to enter, but I have only ever had one puppy and he hated having his picture taken. I look forward to seeing all the pictures – and to see which make it to the final round.

Cute Animal Pics

I am still working on the new banner. I wanted it done a long time ago, but sometimes things just do not work out.

In the mean time, take a look at 13o animal pictures on nydailynews.com titled  Cutest in the animal kingdom.

Here are some samples of the gallery:

Baby snow leopard

Very young red panda cub

older red panda cub

Baby Otters

wolf  pup

To see the rest of these pictures go to Cutest in the Animal Kingdom.