Impala Escape

An impala at Kruger National Park in South Africa escaped from cheetahs hunting it by jumping into a tourist’s parked car. The most amazing parts of the story are that the impala lived, no one was hurt, and people took both photos and video of the incident.

Here are photographs of the progression:

The impala begins to head for the SUV:


The window on the side is open and the impala begins to jump for it:


The impala gets closer to the window:


Now the impala is going into the window:


The impala is in the SUV and the cheetahs are out of luck and confused:article-2359288-1ABE4948000005DC-620_634x430

Someone in the car was able to open the door and the impala escaped out to return to its herd. I am absolutely amazed at the ingenuity of the impala to escape and that it fit through the window. The will to survive is strong!

You can see more photos and the video on the Mail online.

Here is a photo of more of the impalas running and leaping to escape, they are magnificent looking!


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