Guinea Pig Armor

Have you ever wanted to dress your guinea pig up in an appropriately sized real suit of mail complete with helmet? Now is your chance! Check out this hand made guinea pig sized armor set on ebay:



This armor is currently up for charity auction on Ebay with all proceeds going to benefit the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. The auction has 4 days left and the current bidding price (last I checked) is over $35o!

Here is what the armor would look like on your guinea pig’s back:



And here is the mail and helmet:



The Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue is a nonprofit organization in Virginia that rescues, rehabilitates, and adopts out guinea pigs. To find out more about them visit their website at

I think this armor is adorable and amazing! It would make a great photo prop if you have a photogenic pig at home.

One thought on “Guinea Pig Armor

  1. Goodness, it looks so heavy!


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