Amazon owns a new website that sells only pet supplies: Wag.com.

This is a new site in the line of other websites which amazon owns featuring an incredible one word url (read expensive to obtain) that they then turn into a site which sells all kinds of products related to that url. Wag.com’s sister sites include diapers.com (baby products) and soap.com (health and beauty products).

The site is visually appealing and has separate sections to feature different products for different types of pets including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small animals, and fish. You can click on the titles to get to each section or on the picture related to the type of animal products you want. There is also a special boutique area for buying items to pamper your dog or cat.

The website currently features a list of 5 reasons you should shop from the site which include:

1.) A  large selection of products.

2.) Free shipping for orders over $49. —  If you already shop online from Petco or Petsmart, keep in the mind the shipping deal on this site is the same as what Petco currently offers while Petsmart offers free shipping on certain items only. But if those are the items you are after then it might be the better website choice.

3.) Fast delivery — The free shipping can be 1 or 2 days, which is very good for shipping in general and if you need what you are ordering soon.

4. ) A shared shopping cart with wag.com sister sites —  I do not understand the full implications of a “shared” shopping cart. If it means that you could get items from the three sites together to create an order of $50 or more and get free shipping then this might actually make shopping the sites together a good deal instead of going out to get such items at various stores.

5.) The ease of being able to shop online without leaving your home. — I do like this option sometimes, especially if I am really busy and can then order online and have what I need delivered without wasting time to run errands.

My verdict on the site:

This site has a lot of potential and will probably be very popular as more people learn about its existence. The site reminds me a lot of the petsmart and petco websites, but with items that you could only find at one or the other in a single location plus items which neither carry. They offer a lot of dog and cat items, even with eco friendly options.

However, I did not find what I usually use for my guinea pigs. I use Oxbow brand food and hay and the site does not have a good representation of the company’s products. They only sell the hay in two sizes – too small an amount for my two guinea pigs (15 oz) and in an extremely large amount I would not know what to do with (25 pounds for $45). I usually buy 40 oz bags for a little over $10 at my local pet store, so buying multiple small bags  here and paying shipping does not make sense. They offer the oxbow guinea pig food only for baby guinea pigs and do not currently carry the adult formula, and  the baby GP food is also $3 more expensive than where I currently buy my food.

For now I won’t be shopping at wag.com, but that does not mean that you cannot find what you are looking for, or use on a regular basis, for good prices.

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