Guinea Pig Problems

The first guinea pig I had never injured herself in all the time I had her. Now, after having my 2 guinea pigs for 7 months they both injured themselves over the course of a couple days. We had two trips to the vet last week, and will have a follow up trip this week.

Fizz broke her back middle toenail on her left foot and had to have it removed at the vets. I have no idea how she did it, but I wish I did so I could prevent her from doing it again. Here you can see she only has two out of three claws on her back foot.

Here she is recovering happily:

Cola got a large piece of hay stuck in her eye and scratched her cornea. We have to put medicated gel in her eye three times a day. You can see her partially closed eye on the left side.

She is now doing much better and the eye is almost fully open. Here she is begging for food.

There are wonderful forums online if you ever need to know if a medical problem with a guinea pig is an emergency or requires vet care. It is always better to take your pet to a vet’s office should you suspect there is something wrong with them.

Please see Guinea Lynx for wonderful health information.

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