Ty Beanie Boos

I just got this little guy:

The penguin’s name is Waddles, and he is oneĀ  of a line of Ty’s Beanie Boos. These appear to simply be beanie babies that have giant eyes…. But they are so cute to me! I used to collect Beanie Babies, and I do not want to start again but this little guy was too cute to pass up.

Here are other styles in the same toy line:

Coconut the Monkey

Slush the Huskey:

Bamboo the Panda

Kooky the Koala

Kiwi the Frog

Tangerine the Orangutan

Cookie the Dog

Safari the Giraffe

These little guys are so adorable! You can find them for sale at amazon.com.

17 thoughts on “Ty Beanie Boos

  1. Wow you blog so nice !!

    I like TY Beanie Boos – Waddles – Penguin
    Overall I give this penguin five stars because it is fun, durable, and adorable.

  2. Carol Bird

    I love Beanie Boos, and my daughter is desperate for the elephant called Peanut, but I can’t get this anywhere. Has anyone got any suggestions as to where I can find Peanut ?

    • Claude

      It was just a prototype, I’ve tried to get it to, and I contacted them and they said it is not going to be released. Sorry.

    • wallgreens or rite aid r good.i seen 1 on Ebay for like…5 bucks.

    • lottie

      i think you can find it at http://www.tycollector.com

    • Beth

      I just purchased Peanut for 4.99 with free shipping at ty.com

    • random

      I have the elephant beanie boo. You can probably either get it from Hallmark or Learning Express

    • Lauren

      eBay or over line ty store

      Hop you try it

  3. Tuffy and Scraps r adorable!

  4. i love cleo she is so sweet!!!

  5. i love all of them i dont now how is the sweetist!!???but i love cookie the best!!!!

  6. someone

    i have a giraffe!

  7. i have a tiger husky and a bunny beanie boos

  8. kaci

    slush and scraps r adorable

  9. random

    I have the: the giraffe (Safari), the elephant (Peanut), Tuffy, the reindeer (Comet), the bunny (Carrots), dolmation (Fetch) *sorry I don’t know how to spell dolmation*, the zebra (Zig-Zag), the penguin (Waddles), the duck (Goldie), the panda (Bamboo), the black and white cat (Pepper), the white cat (Cashmere), the cow (Daisy), the husky (Slush), the dog (Cookie), the hedgehog (Spike), the leopard (Speckles), the bear (Honey), the bat (Swoop), and the turtle (Sandy)

  10. random

    I think that the duck (Goldie) is the cutest

  11. love beanie boos going to pennsylvainia to get new beanie boos i have 131 beanie boos I HAVE BEEN COLLECTING THEM SINCE I WAS 6 YEARS OLD AND KNOW I AM 9 IN A HALF

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