Cute April Fools Day Jokes

I encountered two cute jokes yesterday, it is often difficult to find something cute on April Fools Day.

1. Google Wave

Google Wave announced that it would now be doing notifications with real people to let you know when ever you get a wave. Google Wave itself is one of Google’s products where you can collaborate with other people in real time – editing the same documents and watching while other people are typing.

I joined Wave a while ago, but never set up notifications. So I had waves I never knew about… but I set up email notifications, which they have always had, but it would be fun to have a real person tell me I have a wave.

Here is a video demonstrating the concept:

The cute part:

You may be wondering how any of this is cute? Well, the cute option comes when you were allowed to pick who delivered your wave notification:

Check out that cute puppy!

2. Pokemon Kart Wii Trailer

This is a very well made trailer for a game that does not exist, but still cute to see Pikachu!

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