Marley & Me: The Terrible 2s

Marley & Me is an awesome story for dog lovers. I read the book  and I saw the movie. I loved them both and I cried for both. It also makes me think twice about getting a lab, but any dog can be a bit of a problem without training!

The book:

The movie:

I just heard today that there is going to be a direct to DVD and Blue-ray prequel called Marley & Me: The Terrible 2s. You can see the preview on newly released DVDs like Alvin and the Chipmonks: The Squeakquel and Fantastic Mr. Fox. I know nothing of the story line, but it seems it will focus on the time when Marley was a mischievous puppy.

Here is a preview, it is not the best quality:

If you visit the official movie page,, it only has the preview for the first movie and Marley licking the screen.

Lastly, here is a video of an interview with the dog who played Marley in the movie, Jonah:


I have found information on IMDB about Marley and Me: The Puppy Years – with a subtitle that says “also known as Marley and Me the Terrible 2s”. Marley and Me: The Puppy Years has a release date of June 1, 2011. There is not much more information than this listed. To check out it out, visit

Update 2: Marley and Me the Puppy Years comes out this week on Tuesday, 1/3/2010. Best Buy is advertising the blueray (or so the ad seems to show) for $7.99.

5 thoughts on “Marley & Me: The Terrible 2s

  1. Marley and Me 2 Back

  2. Marley and Me Back sad

    • morgan

      when is marley and me 2 coming out

      • puppybunnyguineapretty

        It seems the title of the movie may actually be Marley and Me: The Puppy Years. This movie actually has some information on IMDB, including a tentative release date of June 1, 2011. So it seems we may actually see this movie some time mid next year.

  3. kristy

    It is suppose to be after easter the local said in may it will be out on dvd it never went to theatres. Sounds like after the 1st movie they want a number 2 either marley was named over again or he hadpuppies before being fixed and the family didn’t know of lol i am glad to see this on dvd i love marley books and movies as well. check or i seen marely the puppy years is coming out in 2011. that sounds like a summer movie again.

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