Cute Christmas Gift Ideas

In seeing all the toy adds for the Holidays, I decided to put together a short list of adorable toys. I know I would have loved to play with these toys when I was little, and I still find them cute. Some of the cute “toys” I found are great for adults too.

1. Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners
While wandering around my local mall I happened upon a new toy store, which opened in an old KB Toy Store location, which now features more unusual toys. Prominently featured were these adorable little animal families:

This amazingly cute line of small animals features cats, rabbits, dogs, squirrels, and bears among other animals. They have homes, furniture, and various professions and situations which make the toys even more endering. For more information visit the Calico Critters website.

2. Playmobil
I had a number of different sets of playmobil toys when I was younger, and I absolutely loved them. I feel that this line of toys has a great varity of scenes and situations, sutable for both boys and girls. There are sets with animals, mythical creatures, doctors and hospitals, weddings, police officers, and many more.

To see more sets and to purchase these toys, see the playmobil website.

3. Littlest Pet Shop
I must admit, I liked these toys a lot better when I was younger — well, at least what they used to look like. They used to be life like, and now they have giant heads with disproportionate eyes. I do agree that these attributes are supposed to make the toys appear cute, I feel they followed the path of bratz dolls (which I find incredibility ugly). But after seeing some of my younger cousins playing with them, I understand their appeal. So they make my cute list:

4. Puppies In my Pocket
Again, another toy I used to play with that has been reinvented and rereleased. These too now have disproportionate heads and large eyes. I miss the realistic figures that these once were. However, the animals are still very cute and now they are fuzzy! If I could, I would collect these toys. I have one set – a family of rabbits, my mom gave it to me as an Easter present. I still have all my old puppies and horses from the first release of these toys. Maybe your kids will enjoy these fuzzy little guys as much as I enjoyed the old ones.

5. Zhu Zhu Pets
When I first saw these at a local Toys R Us, I did not think much of them. But they are one of the hottest and often hardest to find toys this Christmas season. Stores all over were putting limits on how many of these toys you could buy at a time, and the prices for them seem over inflated on ebay. Now that I really think about these toys, they are a wonderful alternative to a real hamster. A unique idea with all the charm of a hamster without the fear of it escaping into the house or dying within a week. Plus, they are expanding the line of accessories availble for these little guys, the habitats they fun around in, and more hammy styles.

6. Pillow Pets
These are both stuffed animals and pillows. I have seen these guys at mall kiosks and at Hallmark. Just a fun and cute idea available in a number of different animals and sizes.

7. Giant Microbes
Who knew that germs could be so cute? These might not be so kid appropriate, but they are great as a fun gift. They are a great conversation piece or can be a hilarious gift. With these cute little guys you can safely give swine flu, the regular flu, or even mad cow.

8.  Puchi Petites by Re-ment

These are tiny foods that come in a variety of different types and arrangements. They are incredibly life like, and great for dolls and doll houses. I found a website that sells these in collections as well as in individual sets. The collections offered show the variety of foods and include sets like: bread and butter, candy, doughnuts, European Grandmother’s dinner, and sushi. The company also makes tiny furnature and kitchen appliances. I simply love these little foods and things, they are so cute!

9. Penbo

I was looking around online when I happened to find the website for penbo, an interactive penguin toy that comes with a baby penguin. The mama penguin waddles around,  responds to touch and to her baby, and can play games.  I think they are both rather cute, but the baby ball of fluff is adorable.

1o. Giddyup N’ Go Pony

I saw a commerical for this toy and then happened to see a whole palate full of them at my local Meijer. I would have LOVED one of these as a kid. So much cooler than a simple rocking horse! As a child bounces up and down on the pony’s back it causes the pony’s legs to move and they can ride the toy around. Pressing the pony’s ears even makes different noises.

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