This is What School Stress Leads To….

So I am extra stressed over school because I am trying to get caught up on homework. I know it is only the second week of class, but my auditing class covered three chapters in our first 4 hour class period. So I had to read all those chapters plus the next two to be caught up for class tomorrow. I am sick of auditing. Not to mention I have not even started my advanced accounting homework. So this stress has lead to this:

I would love it if this commercial happened in my city –

This is my first attempt at putting a youtube video in a blog post…so forgive me if it does not work!

This is a Sony Bravia TV commercial featuring Play-doh bunnies emerging from many places and all coming together to form other shapes. The ad took 40 animators three weeks and 2.5 tons of plasticine to create this. You can read more about this ad at:

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