Wednesday Woof! – Future Guide Dogs

Today’s Woof is a family of adorable lab pups hopefully destined to be guide dogs.

Just check them out with their little signs that display each dog’s name:

How in the world did they get this picture? Between having all the puppies stay in one place, to having all the signs also stay standing, this is pure puppy craziness! Maybe some Photoshop magic?

Best luck to these pups!


Dog on Flight

Have you ever been on a flight with a working dog? This Air Force K9 bomb sniffing dog got to travel in style, with his own seat and informative collar:



The dog looks so cute that you almost cannot resist petting him, regardless of what his collar may say! I have never had the opportunity of traveling with such a well trained dog, only ones in little carriers under the seats of their owners. It makes sense that these dogs would get to travel this way, it is far safer for the dog.

— Fizz Pig