Teenie Beanie Babies are Back!

McDonald’s once again has a set of Teenie Beanie Babies! Well, Teenie Beanie Babies 2.0.

I will admit, I grew up in the midst of the Beanie Babies fad. I collected them, put tag protectors on their tags, and put the “valuable ones” in clear plastic boxes. I went to trade shows to buy limited edition or hard to find beanies. And when McDonald’s had Teenie Beanies, my family would stop by the restaurant at least once a week to see which ones we could collect.

Beanie Babies have transformed a lot since I was little. I have not purchased one in years, but I have seen the transition in stores from Beanies to Webkinz. An ingenious product really…with all the clothes that you can buy, the holders, the figures, the cards, and not to mention the ability to play with your new toy online. Ty had to respond to this new phenomenon. That response was Beanie Babies 2.0, where each Beanie comes with a code for a virtual version of your toy to play with online. Even the Teenie Beanies have codes which you enter at ty.com. Whether Beanies can hold up in the face of Webkinz is debatable, but McDonald’s did choose Teenie Eeanies as the toy to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Happy Meal.

The new set has 30 different beanies for the Happy Meal’s 30th birthday. The new set features:
1. Clipper the dolphin
2. Maiden the ladybug
3. Boomer the dog
4. Ronald McDonald
5. Jumps the frog
6. Woolsy the lamb
7. Quackly the duck
8. Aussie the koala
9. Streamers the bear
10. Fez
11. Pico the dog
12. Thirty the bear
13. Chill the penguin
14. Radish
15. Fluffball the hamster
16. Topper the giraffe
17. Rascal the dog
18. Yammy
19. Fable the unicorn
20. Ming the panda
21. Grimace
22. Skunkers the skunk
23. Hydrant the dog
24. Spurs the horse
25. Cargo the dog
26. Pops the guerrilla
27. Forstiness the polar bear
28. Oasis the tiger
29. Splits the flamingo
30. Celebration the bear


I am no longer a big Beanie collector, but I must say that I would not mind having Fluffball, Chill, or Hydrant. Even if you never went though the Beanie fad, these little guys are still pretty cute and kids love them. Good luck collecting!

A couple websites to visit to learn more and read about others’ experiences of the Teenie Beanies visit teenies.peacebears.com, Beanie Universe, or the Beanie Babies Official Club.

If you want to download a desktop background of the new set visit happymeal.com.