Sevenly: 4 Paws for Ability

Sevenly is once again featuring a service dog charity! Sevenly is an online t-shirt shop (plus other items) which features a different charity every week and $7 from every purchase goes towards that charity. The t-shirts have a design created specifically for the cause of the week.

The charity: 4 Paws for Ability

4 Paws helps train and place service dogs with children with disabilities, and veterans, who need these animals to help them. They also help educate the public about service dogs.

Here is a video about a child with seizures who has benefited from having his own service dog:

Dogs can smell a chemical change in the human body just before and during a seizure. More than this they provide a companion and a sense of support.

Here are the shirt designs you can purchase this week to help the cause:

Classy Dog

This style is available in women’s styles: flowy V neck $24, flowy racerback tank $28, basic tee $24, flowy long sleeve $36, and flowy raglan $28.

It is also available for men as a basic teeĀ $24, V neck $24, and baseball Tee $32.



This design is available in women’s styles: flowy racerback tank $28, flowy long sleeve $36, flowy raglan $28, flowy V neck $24, short sleeve tee $24, and as a racerback tank $28.

Men’s styles include a basic tee for $24 and a V neck for $24.

Love is Loyal

This design is also available in different styles, which you can search for on the site, but here is the link to the women’s flowy raglan.

You can always just donate money to the cause itself, but this way you can get a t-shirt to advertise the cause as well.

– Fizz

Sevenly Charity This Week: 4 Paws for Ability

I have mentioned Sevenly before, but if you have never been to the site I think you should check them out this week.

Sevenly sells products with special messages or relevance each week to support a different charity. The main product Sevenly features are t-shirts with images and slogans that support the concept of the charity that week (along with other inspiring stuff), and $7 from each sale goes to the charity. Through your purchases you are supporting a cause and getting something in return to help show your support to others, start conversation, and hopefully inspire others as well.


This week Sevenly is donating to 4 Paws for Ability, a charity which places qualified service dogs with children who have disabilities and with veterans who need them. They also support animal rescue and education regarding the use of service dogs. Even more, Petsmart is matching your $7 donation so $14 goes to 4 Paws with every purchase!

On Sevenly you can purchase two different t-shirt’s this week that are specific to the cause in different sizes and styles:

Family Friend
The design looks better on the shirts so the dog does not look so see through, and come in these designs: women’s baseball tee for $32, crew for $24, boyfriend tee for $24, flowy raglan for $28, and a hoodie for $50.

Heroes Wear Dog Tags
This is also available in a few different styles including: flowy dolman for $28, baseball tee for $32 or Raglan, boyfriend tee for $24, crew for $24, and a crew sweatshirt for $48.

Get t them this week only, and check out Sevenly every week to see if they have anything that can help you express your passions. Even if you are not interested in supporting a charity in a manner like this, please check out 4 Paws for Ability’s website to see what they do here.

Sevenly: End Animal Abuse is an awesome website which donates a portion of their proceeds to a different cause every week. They sell unique t-shirt designs every week to represent the cause the site is donating to, as well as various items which also fit the various causes past and present. This week their cause is to end animal abuse like puppy mills and dog fighting by donating to the Humane Society of the United States.

The t-shirt designs this week come in various styles for both men and women.

The Give Dog

The Give Dog boyfriend style tee – $24. This one is not available in a men’s design.

Pets Are Family

Pets Are Family Tee – $24. Men’s crew shirt – $24.

This design is also available in children’s sizes.

Adopt a Dog

Here is one example of the design – raglan shirt $28. Men’s Tee design – $24 or baseball $32.

Check the site out, they offer even more women’s styles for these shirt designs than I posted. This is a great way to support something you believe in – give some money towards the cause and get a shirt to wear to cause conversation. Visit the site each week to see what cause Sevenly will support next!

– Fizz Pig