Red Panda Missing at National Zoo

Do you live anywhere near the Smithsonian National Zoo, or are visiting today? Could you help the zoo by keepingĀ  an eye out for their missing red panda?

This morning the zoo could not find its new male Red Panda named Rusty. He is less than a year old and about the size of a raccoon. Here is a picture:


Zoo keepers went to check on him this morning but Rusty was not in his enclosure. The zoo also has a female red panda, who can be viewing in their enclosure.

He is believed to still be in the zoo hiding, but a search this morning of the zoo before opening to the public did not find the animal.

If you do see Rusty do not approach him – call an official or the zoo at 202-633-4888.

You can also follow the search on Twitter using #findrusty.

Here is the news story: Washington Post

Here is the twitter story.

I hope that Rusty is found safe and sound!