Wednesday Woof! – Husky Puppy

I know, I know, there have been lots of husky pictures on the site recently. I could not resist when I saw these!

Wednesday means I must post a dog picture, and as the snow is finally starting to melt I saw these pictures and found them very appropriate!



This fuzzy little guy looks like he is enjoying the snow, but you can see the grass under there! We are getting so close to being able to see grass here. If it is the same where you live may this puppy bring you a smile!

— Cola

Husky Puppy’s First Week

A husky puppy named Wolfie has his first week at his new home documented on youtube and it is adorable!

I know the video is a bit long, but it is worth it. I love watching Wolfie sleep, play, and try to figure out how life in his new home works. When I next get a puppy I hope to have the time to take lots of videos and pictures!

Here are couple more husky puppy photos (not Wolfie):

3 month old puppy – look at those paws!

Sleeping puppy-

Look at that sweet face –

Such beautiful eyes!