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For today, I thought I would present

This site explains everything you need to know about guinea pig cages. Standard pet store cages are quite small and offer very little space. Solving this problem is quite simple, the site shows an economical ways to build your pet a much larger environment in which to live and play. A bigger enviroment allows guineas to get more exercise and stimulation.

The is a size guide for cages (relative to the number of guineas involved), information on materials, how to make a cage, how to clean them, pictures, a forum, and much more.

Here are examples of cages that others have made:

Open top cage

Closed top cage

multilevel cage

These really are amazing and I hope to make something wonderful for the next guinea pig that I get. An animal that has to spend a ton of time in a cage deserves to have adequate space to run around in and play.

Guinea Pig’s Club!

Do you love guinea pigs?

How about finding information on the little guys or looking at pictures and videos?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out:

This website is dedicated to the wonderful guinea pig! Take some time to peruse the photos, videos, merchandise, and information about the little fuzzy ones. The website has a nice design and it is easy to navigate. They also have a social network site:


I found this as someone’s facebook profile picture, and had to add it.

more animals

If you want to see more funny pictures like this visit:

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