Wednesday Woof! – Italian Greyhound

Fall is officially here! That means apples, pumpkins, changing leaves, and cooler temperatures (at least where we live).

Time to make sure any dogs who may get cold have the proper attire ready to go like this Italian Greyhound:

And if you are wondering if dogs enjoy their coats, check out this video of Nova:

You can find the coats at pet stores or have them specially made from shops like Shadedmoon on Etsy.

Here is another coat example:

So cute! And dogs like this need protection from bitter cold.


Cold Greyhound

After a day of above freezing temperatures and rain, winter is angry! Temps dropped below freezing to ice over all the puddles, strong winds are blowing the falling and loose snow all over, and driving is near impossible with all the factors combined. Yep, winter is angry and paying us back for enjoying yesterday.

Do you have a greyhound at home? I guess they can get a little cold:

Ha ha! I feel sorry for this dog because he doesn’t look very happy about his warm fashion. I feel for you buddy, I wouldn’t let my human dress me that way either!

– Fizz