Dog and Cat Restaurant

World Animal Day is October 4, a day to bring awareness to and celebrate all animals. In celebration the Royal Canin Experience Center in Amsterdam opened a pop up restaurant for dogs and cats.

There was a menu, and the bowls had each animals name on it for the photo shoot/press event:

6befd170-48ca-11e4-8cbe-a1337e7f73a3_h_51594473 (EPA/Koen van Weel)

There is a set of photographs online but very little further information.

6cafc610-48ca-11e4-9024-f9ca92bd972c_h_51594472(EPA/Koen van Weel)

But from all the cameras present it seems like people were very interested even if the dog didn’t seem to care about the food:

645b0d80-48ca-11e4-9a85-dd464e7b3042_04424901(EPA/Koen van Weel)

It looks like a fancy eating establishment. I mean, they made sure the dogs were arranged to eat at tables of the proper height and they had cushions to sit on.

68ea59a0-48ca-11e4-9fec-d3be2d9009c5_04424902(EPA/Koen van Weel)

While the human couldn’t find any more information about this event, but she gave us a little more information on World Animal Day. The date of World Animal Day coincides with the feast of St. Francis of Assisi who is the patron saint of animals.


St. Francis spoke of the greatness and beauty of God’s creation and it is legend that he preached to wild animals who would listen to his voice and not run away. That is cool and appropriate for a day celebrating animals!

– Cola