Cold Greyhound

After a day of above freezing temperatures and rain, winter is angry! Temps dropped below freezing to ice over all the puddles, strong winds are blowing the falling and loose snow all over, and driving is near impossible with all the factors combined. Yep, winter is angry and paying us back for enjoying yesterday.

Do you have a greyhound at home? I guess they can get a little cold:

Ha ha! I feel sorry for this dog because he doesn’t look very happy about his warm fashion. I feel for you buddy, I wouldn’t let my human dress me that way either!

– Fizz

Nintendo Puppy

On, YoungUrbanPuppy makes dog clothes with unique looks, including Nintendo! These little outfits are incredibly cute and look awesome. I love these!

1. Game Boy –  $16.50

2. Mario –  $16.50

3. Princess Peach –  $16.50

And here are some not Nintendo (but still really cute) outfits:

4. My Neighbor Totoro –  $16.50

If I had a dog that could wear this, I would buy it! So cute, and I love Totoro.

5. Alice in Wonderland –  $16.50

Mad Hatter –  $16.50

Cheshire Cat –  $16.50