Dog Elected Mayor

Meet Duke, a 7 year old dog who was elected mayor of Cormorant Minnesota:


Duke won by a landslide vote, from the 12 people who live in Cormorant who each paid $1 to vote. After winning he received 5 hours of grooming and a cute outfit with a bandanna and hat.


Duke doesn’t have any true formal governmental duties and will receive a year’s supply of dog food donated from a local pet store.

If you lived in a small town/village without a true governmental body, would you vote for a dog to be your mayor? Other Minnesota towns in the same position have elected strange mayors, like a three year old.


Personally, I think that a guinea pig could also do a good job. I mean, we cannot do guard duty like a dog can, but we are really cute! Carrots and hay for all!

— Fizz