Born Mobile?

Qualcomm is doing a unique promotion to get people talking about their mobile devices by making a bus stop more interesting while advertising with the slogan “Are You Born Mobile?”

It might not seem like much, but they had some great ideas of ways to improve the wait for a bus. They put up different posters with a mobile website for people to visit on their phone, doing so resulted in some form of  alternative transportation arriving. Things like a fast convertible or a bus full of performers. They also had a couple very cute ideas: For those that have seen everything – a team of sled dogs and a sled. For those who are in love – a carriage ride. For the stressed – a bus full of puppies to pet and play with!

Sled Dog Surprise:

Horse and Carriage Surprise:

Puppy Bus Surprise:

All of this publicity is meant to direct you to Qualcomm’s facebook page to take a quiz and see if you were “born mobile.” I believe the idea is that we are exposed to technology at younger ages, and might have grown up on it, and this is affecting the world. You can watch more of the videos from that bus stop and enter to win a Qualcomm device as well.

To read more about Qualcomm and about the concept of being born mobile, please visit