Last Living 9/11 Search Dog Honored

The last known surviving search and rescue dog that responded to the 9/11 tragedy is 16 years old, and celebrated a very special dog birthday!

Bretagne, a golden retriever, is a part of Texas Task Force 1 – a FEMA urban search and rescue group. Her first assignment was to help at Ground Zero when she was only two years old.

Here she is at Ground Zero:
(Denise Corliss)

And here she is now:

Barkbox honored the dog and her handler Denise Corliss for their service through a program the company offers to treat worthy dogs to a special day. People can nominate dogs online, and once chosen the dog spends a day tailored to their personal preferences. You can learn more about this program here. For this special dog, the company brought Denise and Bretagne back to New York for a weekend of pampering, treats, and playing in the dog park.


This video of the celebration is heartwarming and highlights the important role of search and rescue dogs:

Thank you for your service Bretagne!

10 Years Later

Today in the US we remember 9/11/2001 – to honor all those who died, their families, and everyone who helped in the aftermath.

Animal planet today posted a very nice article about the search and rescue dogs (SAR dogs) who aided in the rescue efforts. If you get a chance it is worth reading.