Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Still need gifts ideas for valentine’s day for your human companions? Or perhaps for your dog? I compiled a few interesting and different gift ideas for both below.

Human gift ideas:

1. Build a Bear stuffed animals
Screenshot 2015-01-30 at 3.12.20 PM

You can now record a personalized message into those voice boxes they put into their stuffed animals. So your stuffed toy can say “I love you!” in your voice every time you squeeze its paw. A personalized message is $8.00. Along with this they offer lots of pink, heart motif, and other animals (and outfits) to choose from. You can find their Valentine’s shop here, where you can buy a premade animal with clothes or purchase any of the items separately.

Love You Huggable Hearts Puppy – $44.50
(Build A Bear)

Not only does this Dalmatian have heart shaped spots but choosing this offer gets you the clothes and shoes as well. Just look at its I *paw shaped heart* you pillow…

Wild About You Bananas Monkey – $47.00
(Build A Bear)

While this is their basic monkey, and you can get a Valentine’s one, it comes in an adorable tux with shoes and a stuffed rose bouquet.

2. A Custom Pillow of your Pet from Broderpress

You submit a photo of your pet to be placed onto a pillow in black and white, which is shaped just like your pet. See a couple examples below for a better representation:



Your photos are submitted through their Etsy store here, and the cost is $80. I like the whimsical effect, especially with pets in odd perspective like this:

Checking out the Broderpress Etsy store offers lots of other pillow options as well.

3. Gloves

Gloves may not usually be that interesting but on Etsy you can buy unique gloves that have different dog or animal silhouettes on them. Talkingloves features lambswool blend gloves with handcrafted images added to suit your tastes.

Sitting dog silhouette with bone – $36


Dachshund gloves – $36


4. Miximals
Repurposing old magazines and junk mail into custom designs of your pets Kimberly Thompson Panay will create a pet portrait just for you for $120. You can also see more of her whimsical artwork here.

Here are a couple examples:

(Pet Portraits)

5. Custom Pet Necklace

Of course you could buy any dog or animal necklace out there, but the following two options are very unique!

Custom painted rock pet necklace pendant

For $60 Rock Artiste will paint a rock pendant from a photo of your dog, cat, hamster, guinea pig, horse, or alpaca. These may be all the animals they have done, or the only ones they are good painting, but it is a fairly inclusive list. Pendants come on a leather cord with claw clasp closure.

Custom nose print necklace
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 2.59.22 PM

Cannot get enough of your dog or cats adorable nose? Then get a necklace made of your pet’s nose so you always have it with you! This would be a very unique and personal piece of jewelry. To make the pendant a nontoxic molding kit with instructions is mailed to your home so you can take a mold of your pet’s nose. Then you ship that back to the artist Kaleen Wolfe who creates a pendant for you from that mold. Each one is different and unique to your pet! Your pet’s name is also engraved on the back. Given the nature of the service, this costs $210.

Dog gift ideas:

1. Night camp at Petsmart with a special Valentine’s Day price:
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 10.34.06 AM(Petsmart)

If your dog cannot stay home alone, or you want them to have a special day too you can utilize this option from Petsmart locations with pet sitting and/or boarding options. Please see the fine print about the requirements for your pet’s health, click here for more info.

You also get this cookie for your dog, which can be purchased this month for $3 as an extra treat for your dog during day or night stays at Petsmart.
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 10.36.01 AM

2. Pet Expressions grooming from Petsmart
(Petsmart Pinterest)

For a little extra you can get your pet groomed with some color or fur designs! This is completely safe for your dog, but can only be done after 12 weeks of age. In some areas, especially in CA this is not allowed so make sure it is available in your area first. Colors (and talent) will vary by location. Find out more here. Chalking adds color to fur starting at $2, stenciling adds chalk color in a specific design starting at $4, and feathering adds a little extra feather to the coat starting at $10.

A few more examples:

(Petsmart Pinterest)



3. A cute outfit:

Is the idea of grooming your pet for the occasion a bit much? How about just sporting an outfit then? There are many options out there varying from heart prints to more subdued items which are simply pink or red. Above is the Wag-a-Tude red ruffle dress currently on sale for $13.45 at Petco.

Or what about this sweet lady dog sweater from Puplife?
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 10.56.59 AM

If that is a bit too much Puplife has an amazing selection of collars, leashes, and harnesses in Valentine’s colors (and many that are not if that is more your style).

Don’t let your masucline dog feel left out! This Full of Heart’s hoodie is available from Poochieheaven:


4. Treats!
What dog would not be excited for treats? There are probably heart shaped treats at your local big pet store. You could also just give a favorite treat instead, because really the shape is only special to you.

If you want a little something more exciting for your dog try these cake pops from Poochieheaven:
($32.99 for a box of 4)

Or this heart shaped box of dog treats:

5. Toys
Once again, like treats, dogs love toys. The shape also doesn’t matter, but if you are looking for something special take a look at these:

Plush Valentine’s hearts in a heart shaped box from pampered dog gifts:
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 11.24.15 AM

Stuffed mock credit card toys in 4 different varieties from Calling All Dogs:
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 11.29.07 AM
($11.50 each)

Kong toys are amazing! Hide some peanut butter or other paste inside and your dog is instantly interested. They also hold up well to chewing and are easy to find at your local pet store. Online at Petsmart from $6.99 on up depending on size/design.
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 11.33.28 AM

Has your dog ever played with a Jolly Egg? This egg shaped toy comes in 2 sizes and three colors. This hard toy is built to allow lots of chewing and chasing. The shape makes the toy hard to pin down and roll erratically. Dogs love trying to chase it down! Find it on Amazon for around $15.
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 11.37.53 AM

Good luck finding any gifts you may yet need!


Valentine’s Day Gifts

Need a few last minute cute valentine’s Day gift ideas? I have compiled a few ideas to start you thinking on what you might want to get in the next couple days.

For Candy Lovers –

I know there are many cute, standard, and popular choices for candy at your local store so here are some ideas to add to include with your heart shaped box of chocolates.

1. Giant Gummy Bear


Here is a giant gummy bear on a stick only $12.95 from The one in the photo is the Valentine’s flavor version, but they have many flavor options for you to choose from. They also offer a larger bear around $30 depending on your flavor choices and a giant gummy bear bowl with a hole in his tummy to act as a candy bowl for $149.95.

2. Chocolate Dogs by Palmer


This year Palmer has a few different valentine offerings including a couple different dogs like the one pictured with different love sayings in the heart above the door. I am not sure if they are all the same type of chocolate (this one is double crisp), but I saw them at our Meijer so they should be available at your local grocery store as well. You can buy this guy online for $3.95.

3. Various Chocolate Animals


Made from the highest quality chocolate you can choose from a teddy bear, turtle or frog for $15.o0 each from Le Chocolatier.

For Plush Lovers

1. Guinea pigs:

Pinkie the Guinea Pig from Ty


Pinkie is now available in the Ty classic plush line which is approximately 6 in long (also available as a beanie baby). She is perfect for the holiday with her pink coloration. Available in most stores which sell Ty products, also on Amazon for $8.01.

If you are looking for a naturally colored guinea pig, Ty produces Patches in the classic plush and beanie baby lines. Both should be available at many Ty retailers and on Amazon.


2. Giraffe – Junglelove by Ty


Junglelove is part of the current valentine’s line in the Ty Beanie Boo collection in both small and medium (Boo Buddy) sizes. Available at Ty retailers and on Amazon for $5.99 and $7.99 for the different sizes.

3. Dogs –

Cookie by Ty


Cookie is now available in a Valentine’s version with pink fur holding a heart, in small Beanie Boo and medium Boos Buddy sizes. Cookie is the name of the regular colored version of the dog as well.

Luv Pup the Pillow Pet


Comes in the 18 inch size perfect for cuddling with! $19.99 at the official Pillow Pet website

4. Teddy Bears

Vermont Teddy Bear makes the bears below, so while the prices might seem a bit much you are getting a quality product. The company has a wide variety of bears (some not so child appropriate in the valentines section linked in the previous sentence) varying from those dressed up to others just cute and fuzzy. The bears are made in Vermont, are fully jointed, and come with a lifetime warranty (meaning you can send your bear back to the factory to the “bear hospital” for repairs free of charge even if your dog decides to try and eat it).

Love Bandit


The Love Bandit is 15 inches tall and $69.99.

The Frog Prince who is 15 inches tall and retails for $79.99.


You can also include a set of theme matching human PJs with the bears for an additional charge  (various styles available), here is the above with matching Pajamas which is currently priced at $109.99.



The company also offers Bear Grams which are your choice of bear, a package of gourmet candy, and a note printed with your message in a nice box.

For the Flower Lover –

There are so many beautiful flower arrangements out there, and roses are a simple and classic gift, but here are a couple flower arrangements which include a little cute something extra.

1. The Big Hug from FTD


The Big Hug bouquet features a 6 inch bear on a light green ceramic vase.  FTD offers a couple different choices for flowers can that be included in this vase with a base price of $39.99 for 7 stems, $49.99 for 11 stems and $59.99 for 13 stems.

2. Teleflora’s Bear Hug


This Bear Hug arrangement includes pink roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and asters. There is no specific dimensions given for the included teddy bear. The prices for the arrangements are $49.95 for standard, $59.95 for deluxe, and $69.95 for premium.

3. Proflowers All in One Valentine’s Day Special


Are you far away from your gift recipient or don’t have time to shop for multiple items? Proflowers has created this All in One package for just such needs. Included is your choice of vase with 12 long stem roses, baby’s breath, and greenery, an I love you sign, chocolates, a teddy bear, and their lavender spa trio. The base price for this gift is $78.89, with extra roses costing an additional $39.99 for another dozen and an extra $49.96 for two more dozen.

If you want something a bit cheaper you can get the 5 in one package which includes your choice of vase with 12 red tulips and12 blue iris, a teddy bear, chocolates, and I love you sign for a base price of $59.96.

Valentine’s Day Cuteness!

After contemplating two different things to post, I decided to post something completely different.

To honor this weekends holiday I figured I would post a few more cute animals wishing you to have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Animals “dressed up” for the occasion:

Animals kissing:

This last picture is of a digital greeting card that you can send to your friends:

Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Looking for Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts?

I finally got the new banner up! I think it is a huge improvement over the first banner that I made. I am still learning how to make stuff in photoshop, but I do like the new look and I hope that you guys do too.

So, Valentine’s Day is coming up and so I thought I would post some cute gift ideas:

1. has diamond jewelry on sale for Valentine’s Day. Not all of it is extremely expensive. Here are some cute animal necklaces:

Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Penguin Pendant: $39.99

Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Dog Pendant: $39.99

Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Turtle Pendant: $39.99

Sterling Silver 1/3 CTTW Black and White Diamond Whale Pendant: $75.00

More ideas from Amazon:

A Big Kiss for you! Valentine’s Puppy Love Care Package Gift Box: $39.99

Precious Moments 9-Inch Plush Love Bird: $12.50

2. The Oriental Trading Company has a large selection of small toys and stuffed animals, at reasonable prices, if you want to buy things in lots to use for parties or to give to your kids or friends.

3. Build-a-Bear Workshop is featuring the Hearts Fur You Be Mine Dalmatian as a cute idea to make for someone or to take someone their to make themselves. The prices range from $26.50 to $33.00 online based on the accessories that come with the dog. The picture below is for the $33.00 one which comes with the leash and bed:

They also have an assortment of other stuffed animals with cute clothes like a red dress with hearts and a little tux to add a valentines touch to your gift.

4. has a large selection of Valentine’s gifts. Here are a couple of the cute ones:

You and Me Personalized Bear by Ty: $19.60

Deluxe Lucky in Love Bamboo: $39.98 — comes with stuffed panda, fortune cookies, and heart-shaped bamboo.

Just Sweethearts Book by Willow Creek Press: $15.95