10 Years Later

Today in the US we remember 9/11/2001 – to honor all those who died, their families, and everyone who helped in the aftermath.

Animal planet today posted a very nice article about the search and rescue dogs (SAR dogs) who aided in the rescue efforts. If you get a chance it is worth reading.


$10,000 Dog

My dogs have eaten a lot of things they should not have, but nothing ever worth thousands of dollars:

In Albany, GA, a dog ate $10,000 worth of diamonds!

The Pomeranian named Honey Bun goes with his owner to work at John Ross jewelers. When the store’s co-owner got up to meet a customer  he left a chair open in a location allowing Honey access to a desk where 4 packs of loose diamonds were laying open. Honey only left one pouch untouched.

With the diamonds missing it was apparent that the dog must have eaten them and was immediately taken for x-rays. The check up cannot show carbon, but it did show a couple spots that were likely the diamonds. A day later, after nature took its course, the two one carat diamonds were recovered.

I am not sure that I would want diamonds that had taken such a strange journey!

Read the whole story at wsmv.com.

Royal Dog

Prince Charles and Camilla have adopted a puppy named Beth!

The puppy, a Jack Russel Terrier, was adopted from the Battersea Dogs and Cat Home animal rescue in London.  Camilla’s choice of dog was no surprise, she helped the rescue open a cattery last fall and mentioned that she was interested in a Jack Russel. Once the staff recieved one, they emailed photos to the Duchess.

The rescue’s website describes Beth as “…a charming, confident little puppy and we know she will be very happy in her new home.”

Beth will join the two Jack Russels that Charles and Camilla already have, Tosca and Rosie.

You can read the shelters story at battersea.org  and CNN’s story here.

Earthquake Detection?

Yesterday there was a 5.8 magnatude earthquake on the East Coast which could be felt as far away as Michigan. Today there is an article from NBC news that the animals of the National Zoo seemed to know it was coming. Of course, not all the zoo’s inhabitants reacted before or even during the event but those that did show demonstrate that animals can detect such natural occurrences long before humans can.

The lemur monkies started to howl about 15 minutes before the quake hit. The Orangutan also called out, and the mother Gorilla gathered up her baby and went into a tree just before the ground began to shake. 64 flamingos also gathered together and huddled in a large ground just before the quake and all through it. Once the shaking began the pride of lions gathered together and moved away from standing structures.

And the zoo’s famous pandas? They appeared not to react before, during, or after the event.

While it is not proven that animals can predict such events, it has been demonstrated that they can be affected sooner than humans. It is speculated that animals can hear lower or higher frequency sounds and can feel slighter vibrations than we can and are thus able to protect themselves before such a phenomenon.

See Zoo Animals Go Wild Ahead of Quake

Rediscovered Rodent

The red-crested tree rat was thought to be extinct but was recently rediscovered after 113 years of not being seen! Researchers have been trying to find this animal, when it simply showed up at a nature reserve. They live in Columbia, South America, and are about the size of a guinea pig.

The below photographs are a couple of the first pictures ever taken of the animal:

Pictures from Animal Planet.

I love the long fuzzy tail!

To read the story of their rediscovery see Conservation International.

New Baby Polar Bears

There are two new polar bear cubs at the Nuremberg Zoo in Germany to fill the place of Knut.

Cubs Gregor and Aleut were born in December, but have only just made their first appearance to zoo visitors. These cubs will go a long way to fill the void after Knut’s unexpected death. I wish the best to these two new polar bear ambassadors, and I hope that they are able to contribute to the future of these beautiful animals.

To read more about the cubs and see more pictures see the Daily Mail.


Knut the famous polar bear from the Berlin Zoo has passed away at the age of 4. It was extremely unexpected, as polar bears can live 15 to 20 years in captivity. Knut was abandoned by his mom at birth and raised by a zoo keeper. He has been featured in tons of pictures, merchandise, and a movie.

Baby Knut

Knut with his Keeper

Adult Knut

We will miss you Knut!

To read the full story visit the AP.

Caplin Rous We Will Miss You

I have followed Caplin Rous the Capybara on his website, gianthamster.com, for about a year now. Unfortunately Caplin passed away at the beginning of this month. I know that I will miss you Caplin, and I wish your owner and all who loved you the very best.

Here is Caplin, next to the stuffed version of him:

If you do not know about Caplin Rous I encourage you to check out gianthamster.com and see a life well lived by a Capybara. He was a wonderful ambassador for his kind, and I enjoyed seeing the world from his point of view.

If you want to help Caplin’s owner out with his final medical expenses, or just to give money to a charity for medical care for Capybaras please visit Capybara Madness where you can donate, or purchase Capycoppies (the stuffed Caplin in the above photo) and calanders.

From everyone here at Puppy Bunny Guinea Pretty – we miss you Caplin!

Here is my guinea family with our Capycoppy:

Cola and Capy

Fizz and Capy


Pandas at Washington’s National Zoo

The panda couple at the Washington National Zoo, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, who are on loan from the Chinese government have been allowed to stay in the US for another 5 years. This is very good news for the US and for panda kind. Hopefully we will see new baby pandas soon!

The original agreement for the pair was for ten years at a cost of $10 million dollars – which went to panda conservation in China. The new agreement rests on the condition that the pair will breed again, and if not one or both of the pandas can be exchanged for another in the hopes of baby pandas.  Their first baby, Tai Shan, born in 2005 was a hit at the zoo but all babies of this loaned panda pair must be returned to China and so Tai Shan went back in February of 2010.

Read more at Reuters.

Buddy the Dog

In Alaska a German Shepherd named Buddy saved his owners life during a fire.

Buddy’s owner was in a workshop when it caught fire, and he sent Buddy for help. The dog ran and found a police officer who was responding to the call of a fire but could not find the property. The officer followed the dog back to his owner. Buddy is being honored as a hero. Here is video from the dash cam of the police offer who followed Buddy:

This is a amazing! Good job Buddy!

You can read the whole story here: Alaska Dog Honored for Leading Troopers to Fire.