$10,000 Dog

My dogs have eaten a lot of things they should not have, but nothing ever worth thousands of dollars:

In Albany, GA, a dog ate $10,000 worth of diamonds!

The Pomeranian named Honey Bun goes with his owner to work at John Ross jewelers. When the store’s co-owner got up to meet a customer  he left a chair open in a location allowing Honey access to a desk where 4 packs of loose diamonds were laying open. Honey only left one pouch untouched.

With the diamonds missing it was apparent that the dog must have eaten them and was immediately taken for x-rays. The check up cannot show carbon, but it did show a couple spots that were likely the diamonds. A day later, after nature took its course, the two one carat diamonds were recovered.

I am not sure that I would want diamonds that had taken such a strange journey!

Read the whole story at wsmv.com.

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