New Toy Story 3 Characters!

The next movie presents the classic Toy Story characters after Andy goes off to college and they end up in a day care center. There is currently a movie poster up that shows silhouettes of new characters which are being slowly revealed.

Here are three of the newly revealed characters –

Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear


Here is my favorite new character: Buttercup!

I would have loved this little toy unicorn if I were a kid!

Here is the poster introducing the new characters, I am excited to see what other characters are announced!

Super Bowl Commercials!

Yesterday I watched the adorable Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, and then I watched the Super Bowl…mainly to see the commercials.

The Puppy Bowl was so cute! I loved watching the puppies and the different camera shots gave more interest to it. The bunny cheerleaders who just sat on the sidelines were very comical, as were the hamsters “flying” the Twizzlers’ blimp. Even better was that they replayed the “game,” so I got to watch it before the Super Bowl started and again after it was over!

There were not that many commercials featuring cute animals, but there were many funny ones that contain cute stars. Here are the cutest commercials that I saw this Super Bowl:

1. Doritos: Underdog

2. E*Trade Baby with Girlfriend

3. fiddling Beaver

4. Coca-Cola – Sleepwalker

5. Kia Sorento

6. And of course, Budweiser had another cute commerical about their Clydesdale horses:


This morning on Animal Planet I saw a show I have never seen before, Superfetch. The show presents pet trainer Zak George teaching dog owners how to get their pet to perform a specific trick.

Animal Planets website describes the show: “In SUPERFETCH, Zak shows pet parents step-by-step how to teach their animal new and unbelievable stunts and help strengthen the bond between them. Pet and parent have one shot to make it happen and at the end of several weeks, after three visits from Zak and intensive at home training, the duo is put to the test to see if they can pull off the big trick.”

In the episode I saw he taught a dog how to be an usher at a wedding, leading guests to the right or left side for the bride or groom. He also taught a dog how to bring a bag containing an engagement ring to his master as his master knelt down to propose to his girlfriend. Given how the show works, some of the tricks in the episode went well and others did not. But it does demonstrate what someone can truly accomplish when they work on their bond with their dog and actually take the time to teach the animal.

The show is on Saturdays on Animal Planet at 7pm. Here is a clip of another trick from an earlier episode of the show:

Animal Planet’s website has more information about the show, as well as easy tricks to teach your dog and videos of other dog’s tricks.