Backyard Deer

This doe was wandering around our backyard! The human took the time to take pictures of this creature instead of feeding us more treats. How dare she?! Whitetail deer are interesting, but guinea pigs need treats on demand.

Well, we must share the pictures so here they are:
deer pic

She was eating and wondering peacefully before being bothered by this red winged blackbird which flew into her back:
bird one

She seems confused as it passes by and perches in a nearby tree:
bird two

She decides to go investigate:
bird four

bird five

And seems generally interested in the bird!
bird six

Then it flew up again and she got scared and ran:
test one

test two

Our owner loves these “majestic” creatures (her words, not ours).

-Cola and Fizz

White Deer

I found pictures of two more white deer!


White Deer 3

White Deer 1

I guess these two deer, a stag and a doe, live in Lake County Michigan. Some of the comments on the pictures indicate people may have seen more of them in the same area. I wonder if they are true albino deer or if it is some kind of genetic defect of the deer in the area? Whatever the cause, they are majestic looking and I would love to see one!

Have you ever seen a wild white deer?

–Cola Pig

White Stag

Today I found a video of an amazing albino stag. The video tells the story of how the footage came to be and the elusiveness of this beautiful creature.

Here are screencaps from the video, of this hauntingly white stag:

To watch the video please click White Monarch Albino Deer

Note: I would have had the video right in this entry but the user has disabled that feature, so I apologize for the inconvenience.