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I found this as someone’s facebook profile picture, and had to add it.

more animals

If you want to see more funny pictures like this visit:

Also — The new banner
This is my working banner for the moment to make it look more like what I am going for. This is not the final one, rather a place holder.

This is What School Stress Leads To….

So I am extra stressed over school because I am trying to get caught up on homework. I know it is only the second week of class, but my auditing class covered three chapters in our first 4 hour class period. So I had to read all those chapters plus the next two to be caught up for class tomorrow. I am sick of auditing. Not to mention I have not even started my advanced accounting homework. So this stress has lead to this:

I would love it if this commercial happened in my city –

This is my first attempt at putting a youtube video in a blog post…so forgive me if it does not work!

This is a Sony Bravia TV commercial featuring Play-doh bunnies emerging from many places and all coming together to form other shapes. The ad took 40 animators three weeks and 2.5 tons of plasticine to create this. You can read more about this ad at:


I was going to post a movie that was on, but the movie expired and is no longer available. So I decided to search out a new cute picture and this is what I found:

An adorable white chinchilla enquisitively standing on its hind paws! 

If you want to learn more about chinchillas or find one for a pet, here is where I found the picture:


Today while looking at digg, I found an article about the Top 100 Unknown Websites. On the list was, a site where you can create a free account and get pictures to put on blogs or websites. The search feature does not yield very good results for my tastes for animals, but I do not think that is the site’s main purpose. So be careful when you are searching because it may be rather difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. But I did manage to find this cute picture:
[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=bunny+rabbit&iid=308176″ src=”″ width=”500″ height=”332″ /]


Yay, today is my birthday!

I am excited because this is the coolest date for my birthday ever, 08-08-08!

In honor of my birthday, here are some Koala pictures from my Australian vacation:

Koala close up

Baby Koala seeking reassurance from mom

Taking a stroll across the branch