Guinea Pigs Wearing Hats

BuzzFeed has posted a nice selection of 30 guinea pigs wearing hats! Well, so they did not do such a good job or identifying all the animals involved so there is also a rabbit and hamster, but they are still cute too!

Here are a couple of  my favorites:

Yellow Bonnet:

From ohbeehiveblog

Where did you go?


King me!

From CuteOverload

Cowboy hat:

From Buzzfeed

straw hat:

From cutiepiecuriosities

Now this one made me laugh – the guinea pig has nail polish on!

From Tumblr

Check out BuzzFeed to see the rest of the adorable pictures!

Sorry for the lack of posting recently, my internet has been strange and one of my guinea pigs had surgery and needs lots of care. Maybe I will post about that once we are through the really hard part.

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