Hero Dog Awards

Today I discovered the Hero Dog Awards sponsored by the American Human Association.

The contest celebrates the dogs who “enrich, enhance, and even save our lives.” Categories include therapy, guide, law enforcement/arson, hearing, search and rescue, military, emerging hero, and service dogs. 453 dogs were nominated and you can now vote for one of the 8 dogs which are competing for the title 2011 American Hero Dog.

To vote visit herodogawards.org. You can click on the pictures of each dog to read about them to help you decide which dog to vote for. The contest will end September 30.

Here are pictures of the finalists – To read their stories, decide who to vote for, and to vote click here:

Sadie the Arson K9 – Law Enforcement

Harley – Hearing Dog

K9 Sage – Search and Rescue

MWD Cino C152 – Military Dog

Roselle – Guide Dog

Stacey Mae – Therapy Dog

SURFice dog Ricochet – Emerging Hero Dog

Zurich – Service Dog

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