Anatomy of a Chocolate Bunny

Every Easter brings tons of different kinds of chocolate bunnies to choose from in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some actually resemble rabbits, others do not. Some are cute and others well…they did not try too hard. All taste fairly good, and there is a chance that if you chose a good brand someone will eat the candy. But, I must say that not all chocolate bunnies are created equal! So, still in the spirit of Easter, lets take a look at the anatomy of some chocolate bunnies:

1. Palmer Big Ears Chocolate Bunny

Some rabbits do have large ears, but this is kind of ridiculous. Not cute…but definitely for the chocolate bunny connoisseur who loves to eat the ears and well, mostly just the ears.

2. Palmer Da Bunny Collection

I am sure that these bunnies are good for the people whose personalities they share….but I am just not attracted to these candies. I really do not like anthropomorphic animals (where animals take on human characteristics), sometimes it can be done in a cute manner but this is a bit much for me.

3. Dove Fairy Bunny

So the bunny is cute, but the addition of the wings is just crazy. However, if you like that kind of thing then this bunny is for you.

4. Reester Bunny

What this bunny lacks in cute he makes up for in taste! If you love Reeses candy then this guy will keep you happy for a long time.

5. Palmer My Little Bunny

These little guys actually look like bunnies and the packaging helps to that effect. They even come in pink and blue for boys and girls.

6. Russell Stover Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny

These guys are an Easter classic, at least where I live. I even got one of these in my Easter basket (it has different packaging). Classic pose, classic chocolate, and these guys are reasonably priced.

7. In the same position, Dove makes solid milk chocolate bunnies:

To be fair, Dove has created a more realistic bunny and has superior chocolate to Russell Stover, but these guys are more expensive.

8. Godiva Milk Chocolate Bunny

Cute, nice shiny wrapping, and it is made of Godiva chocolate… It could afford to lose the random flowers, but I am okay with that.

9. In the same line are the Lindt chocolate bunnies:

The eyes are not quite as cute, but the chocolate is amazing. I prefer Lindt to Godiva.

10. Frankford Easter Bunny – Hollow

This little guy is adorable! He might not be in a realistic position, but he sure is cute. He also gets good reviews on taste, check out slashfoods taste test of easter bunnies from 2009.

11. Vosges Chocolate Bunnies

This little guy is adorable! His ears are over-sized but in a good proportion to make him cute. I have no idea what company actually made the bunny in this photo, but the ones at are identical.

12. Zachary Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny

This guy is kind of scary looking, but I hear that he has good flavor from

13. Hershey’s Solid Milk Chocolate Speedy the Bunny

Again with the anthropomorphic bunnies? At least he is staying fit while you are getting a sugar high from consuming him…

14. Chocolate Bunny on a Motorcycle

This strange creation is available from Confections by Joel for $4.95. I do not think he is very cute, but someone else might.

15. Harbor Sweets Famous Chocolate Rabbits

While these guys have a strange look about them, the inside is apparently what counts. Each bunny comes in two halves, and “Each half contains an assortment of the soul of the Sweet Sloops (almond butter crunch), Sand Dollars (soft creamy caramel and pecan), and Barque Sarah (toasted almonds).”  However, the cost on these is quite steep starting at $15.95. Available at

16. Conrad’s Candy – Giant Bunny

This is one large bunny!  He is 26 inches tall and weighs 7 pounds, but will also cost you $144.95. With that hat and strange candied front, I would be afraid of this bunny! But if you know a chocolate lover, this is the perfect Easter gift. Currently the bunny is unavailable at

I know there are a ton more bunnies out there, but I think this list is long enough for the moment. Maybe I can come back to this idea next year.

Hope you guys enjoyed (or will enjoy) eating any of your chocolate Easter bunny treats!

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