Spotless Cheetah

A very rare spotless cheetah has been photographed in the African wilds. The last recorded sighting of one of these anomalies was in 1921.

It is amazing how well the big cat blends in without its traditional markings.

Here is a picture of a regular, spotted cheetah:

To read more about the photographer who took pictures of the cheetah and his search for the animal, visit

Lion Photos

Sorry for the lack of recent posts, I just got back from vacation.

Animal Planet has a great article about special cameras that can be used remotely to take pictures of wildlife.  The Beetlecam is a remote controlled buggy that has a DSLR camera attached to it created by two brothers, Will and Matt.

Here are two of the cameras:

(William Burrard-Lucas)

The creators of the camera wanted to take amazing pictures of African wildlife, specifically lions. Here are some of the pictures that they were able to capture with their modified cameras:

Up close and personal:

(William Burrard-Lucas)

Male Lion

(William Burrard-Lucas)


(William Burrard-Lucas)

Lion chewing on the reinforced BeetleCam

(William Burrard-Lucas)

You can read the full article from Animal Planet here, and can see the full galleries of pictures from the BeetleCam Project here.