Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Today Mickey Mouse turns 86 years old! Mickey first appeared in the short Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928. The rest is history!


Have you ever seen Steamboat Willie? Here it is if not:

To celebrate, I found some fun pictures.

Here is a dog dressed as Mickey with a bunny Minnie:

Meet Lily, a dog with a spot on her back shaped perfectly like Mickey!
Mickey Dog

Lily, named after Walt’s wife Lillian Disney, got to meet Mickey:

Here is a dog with a coat cut, colored, and styled to look like Mickey and other characters for a competition:
article-2343785-1A60CDE4000005DC-196_470x423 article-2343785-1A60D046000005DC-853_470x423
Intense design! Also the dog looks a little creepy with the extra large Pluto eyes.

And because I couldn’t resist, here are some horses dressed as Mickey:



Happy Birthday Mickey!

– Fizz

Happy Anniversary Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Today, September 5th, is the 86th anniversary of the first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon from 1927 called Trolley Troubles.


Who is Oswald? Oswald is a rabbit and was Walt Disney’s first animated character. He basically had Oswald taken from him. The upside? It led to the creation of Mickey Mouse and the rest of that story is history!

Oswald was reacquired by the Disney company and has started to make an appearance on merchandise, in the parks, and in the video game Epic Mickey 2.

An out of date picture, but nice example, of some Oswald merchandise:
2nd Image

If you want to watch Trolley Troubles, you can see it on Youtube:

Crazy how things go sometimes!
– Fizz Pig