Reindeer Cam!

Late last night I saw a news article that spoke to the success of It is a webcam where you can watch a couple reindeer go about their day, and you can see Santa come to feed them at 10am and 5 pm EST!

The camera is on all day and night, and is an awesome opportunity for kids to see these amazing animals. The reindeer with antlers is actually female, male reindeer drop their antlers come December.

The makers of the site have a camera that features the white tail deer they raise and decided to create this cam when a friend suggested they do something for Christmas. They did not expect it to be so popular, so sometimes the servers become overloaded. But it is worth watching for a bit if you get the chance. It has been viewed by people in over 126 different countries.

Go to to see them in action!

Here is a still shot of the reindeer:

Here is a time when Santa was visiting and reading the Night Before Christmas, also pictured is a tame white tail deer.

You can read an article about the site here.

I am sad that I did not know about this before now because the cam will be turned off after Christmas until its return next year.