Biggest Pokemon Fan?

I thought I really liked Pokemon, but after seeing these pictures I am very wrong about how big of a fan I am. I grew up with the games and tv show. I played the games, collected the cards, and had a few toys. Nothing I have compares to the love this woman has for the property and Pikachu. I am guessing that she too grew up with this, but had more money (and probably love) than I did to invest in her collection.

Pikachu for future reference in the photos:

Her tv area is covered in Pokemon, mostly Pikachu. She even has an episode on the tv with a scene featuring multiple Pikachus.

She has a Pikachu outfit and more stuffed Pikachu toys than I want to count:

Book shelves covered in Pokemon toys, even some duplicates. I like the yellow Peep rabbits, one with black ear tips and red cheeks like Pikachu.

A wider shot of the room with book cases and stuffed toys:

I love the sign “Pokemon put me in the poorhouse.” I can only imagine how much all of these items cost. Especially because many of them had to come directly from Japan or China and shipping is not cheap.

Proof of collecting various other Pokemon:

She has a Pikachu Bug! Look at that car!

A wide shot of her desk area covered in Pokemon things. There are so many they even line the valences above the windows.

If you want to see more pictures of her collection please visit webpark to see 40 photos!

What Pokemon would I pick if I were to have collected so many items dedicated to one Pokemon? Well, it would probably be Eevee. But I love all of her evolutions as well so I think my collection would never have been as homogeneous as this one. Plus, I would never own a car dedicated to something like this. Cars to me face too much danger to invest so much in aesthetically (something so unquie and probably expensive to fix if needed). The more I think about it, there would also be Vulpix, Ninetails, Charizard, Pikachu, and many more characters in my collection. My imaginary collection would never have looked this good in one place!


Are you the ultimate Pokemon fan? Think you have more items or money invested in Pokemon than this woman?

–Fizz Pig

Pokemon Gotta Catch ‘Em All Contest

Calling all Pokemon lovers! There is a new contest called Gotta Catch ’em All to honor the upcoming release of Pokemon X and Y! You hunt for Pokemon codes to enter for a chance to win Pokemon themed prizes.


To begin the contest you have to go to (pictured above) and enter the first code given in this video:

(If you don’t want to look for it, the code is XY1012.)

Once you enter the code and your information you reach a page of Pokeballs that when scrolled over provide clues to where you can find the next clues. A code will open a Pokeball to reveal the Pokemon inside, its information, give you an entry into the contest drawing, and a digital download of some kind (mp3s, alert sounds, backgrounds, etc). If you cannot find the codes, you can get one code to gain an entry for the prize drawings but won’t get a download. There will be four drawings over the next few weeks.

The contest is only open to the US and related territories. Prizes include a 3DS XL, copies of Pokemon X and Y, Pokedex guide, cards from the Pokemon card game, and stuffed toys – over 50 items per week will be given away.


I wish all entrants the best of luck finding the codes and in winning something!

Pokemon X and Y come to stores October 12!

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–Fizz Pig