Monopoly Dog Game Piece Saved!

Good news everyone, the Dog piece was saved during the “Save Your Token” contest! I did not ever really think the dog was in danger, but you never know and it was fun to participate in the contest.


The piece that was voted out? The Iron. I am not sure how I feel about that, I always thought the Iron was cool and even chose it as my piece when I could not be the dog. The Iron, Wheelbarrow, and shoe were all close in votes until the very end of the contest. I guess some companies got behind their favorite pieces with Ames True Temper making a video to support the Wheelbarrow.  Hasbro will immediately stop production of the Iron game piece.


The piece that won to replace the Iron? The Cat.


The options people got to choose from were the robot, ring, cat, helicopter, and guitar:


Sad about the loss of the Iron, or that your new favorite was not chosen? Hasbro will release a special edition of the Monopoly game which will include all the old pieces as well as all of the new candidates on February 15. The new version of the game, with the Iron replaced by the Cat, will be released in the Fall.

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