Merry Christmas!

The staff at FT wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Once again the staff had photos taken for a Christmas card, below are the results:

Santa Scene

Chewy is Mrs. Claus, TaunTaun is Santa in the sleigh, and Fizz is the Reindeer.

Fizz as a Reindeer


The staffers were kind enough to wear their hats for about a minute while the human took lots of shots. The Santa hat, Mrs. Claus costume, and antlers are from Petsmart. The harness the human made from felt and yarn, and it just sat on Fizz’s back. The background was added in Photoshop. The Santa scene is a composite of two different shots – one good one of the interns and one good one of Fizz. The human made an attempt to get the whole group together for a single picture but that was quite ambitious, and she still had to put two different shots together.

Here was the set up:

We hope that you have a Merry Christmas!

– Fizz and the Interns

Merry Christmas! Guinea Pig Style

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

This year the staff here at Fuzzy Today took some Christmas pigtures we want to share.

Cola the Elf

Santa Fizz

The Others…
I know, but they wish to remain anonymous at this point because they do not take photos very well. They came to me at almost two years of age and cameras are not their thing.

They did love sitting in this though:

Singing for treats:
Our fur blends in very well with the fuzz around our bed, we love it!

Yes, we did wear the costumes and hats – for about one minute! Long enough to get pictures while munching on carrots and then be off into floor time with more treats.

Merry Christmas!

Well, it is the second day of Christmas, so Merry Christmas!


My guinea pigs posed for the camera this year to feature on my Christmas cards.

Cola and Fizz cannot be together because they fight, so they had individual photos taken and photoshop put them together. I can post a series of photos on what that looked like another day.