New Baby Polar Bears

There are two new polar bear cubs at the Nuremberg Zoo in Germany to fill the place of Knut.

Cubs Gregor and Aleut were born in December, but have only just made their first appearance to zoo visitors. These cubs will go a long way to fill the void after Knut’s unexpected death. I wish the best to these two new polar bear ambassadors, and I hope that they are able to contribute to the future of these beautiful animals.

To read more about the cubs and see more pictures see the Daily Mail.


Knut the famous polar bear from the Berlin Zoo has passed away at the age of 4. It was extremely unexpected, as polar bears can live 15 to 20 years in captivity. Knut was abandoned by his mom at birth and raised by a zoo keeper. He has been featured in tons of pictures, merchandise, and a movie.

Baby Knut

Knut with his Keeper

Adult Knut

We will miss you Knut!

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