Are you familiar with calling this plastic igloo a pigloo?


Only today did we realize it might be an odd term when this meme picture and had people wondering what a pigloo was:

For the record, we here at Fuzzy Today (your guinea pig staff) never turn our hidey houses and pigloos over! We have no idea how it happens and we are totally innocent!

Cola wants to share this pigture of her IN her pigloo:
She is more likely to move the pigloo to hide and eat, or hide and sleep…Well, you get the idea.

Fizz wants to share this pigture of her with her far superior hidey house:
Fizz loves this because of the lip in the doorway, there is always a side to lay against. She will flip her house, but only to get my attention when she is out of food or if she is angry that food she thought was coming was late or never came. She knows she is NOT innocent!

Back to pigloos…These plastic small pet igloos come in a few different sizes and can easily be used for multiple types of pets (hamsters, rabbits, etc.). So we suppose they could be hamloos or bunloos too.

Only ever having them for guinea pigs means I always thought of them as pigloos. I am not sure if the first one I purchased for my guinea pig years ago was called that on the packaging, if I simply thought the term was cute, or if I read it somewhere.

Here are some more guineas (not your staff) enjoying their pigloos:
20------ Peppers and friends - pigloo 1 - photo by starfishpaws
Peppers and Friends – everyone fits…almost comfortably… (starfishpaws)

20------ Peppers and friends - pigloo 2 - photo by starfishpaws
Peppers and friends – defeating the pigloo! (starfishpaws)

Wadel and Feather – the top is the best spot! (source)

2012-11-29 11.26.58
Coco sleeping in pigloo (lifesvr7)

I will protect my space in the upside down pigloo! (source)

Have you ever called the igloo a “pigloo” or anything like that? Do your pets also turn them over?

Your ever diligent reporters, who never flip their homes,
– Cola and Fizz