How to Keep Your Pets Cool

There is quite a heat wave going on right now across most of the US, at least it is really hot where I am! It has cooled off a bit but it is still warmer than average and there is no current end in sight.

Not only do you want to stay cool but so do your pets. Know about your pets and what temperatures they can safely withstand, and if they can sweat as some animals cannot and certain temperatures become life threatening. If you have central air conditioning, then you are set, but if you are not that lucky here are 8 ways to help keep your pet cool in the summer heat care of Yahoo news:

1. Fans – use fans to help circulate air and keep your home cooler. A combination of different types of fans, or different placements can help to cool your home. Try putting box fans in a window to push hot air out of your home or putting a fan in a door way.

2. Swimming РIf you have a dog take them to a dog friendly beach or lake to get in the water and cool down. Even if your dog does not like the water it can be cooler outside in the shade under a tree than it might be in your house. If you have a pool you can also let your dog swim to cool down. Remember that pets should always be supervised when in or around the pool or lake.

3. Kiddie Pool – Do not have a pool or beach near your home? Place a kiddie pool in your yard, in the shade. Only fill the pool enough to cover your pets tummy. Your dog can lay in it to cool off.

4. Block of Ice – If a block or bowl of ice is placed in front of a fan the effect is much like an air conditioner. The fan will melt the ice, which will cool the air. Be aware that this process will add humidity to the air and that can be uncomfortable.

5. Basement – Have your pet stay in the basement if you have one, they are usually much cooler (sometimes by 10 -15 degrees).

6. Ice Cubes – wrap up 3 to 4 ice cubes in a towel and slowly rub it over your pet. Focus on their neck, back, tummy, legs, and feet.

7. Bath time – Give your dog a bath, wet him down with a hose outside, or bathe/mist your cat. If your cat hates water they won’t enjoy a bath, but many will tolerate being misted when they are hot (just don’t spray them in the face, they do not appreciate that).

8. Frozen treats – you can create animal popsicles – this works really well for dogs. Fill an ice cube try and fill it with your dogs favorite canned food and then freeze it. You can also do it with broth mixed with tiny pieces of meat frozen in an ice cube tray. Small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits can also enjoy their favorite veggies frozen in ice or a bit of pure fruit juice.

Heat Stroke Рif you think that your pet is suffering from heat stroke do not try to cool your pet down with ice or any other method that will suddenly make them cold, such a shock could kill them. Wet down a towel with cool water, wrap it  around your pet, and then call your vet.

Other heat basics –

Water – Make sure that your pet has enough water. Some animals may be more picky and won’t touch water that has been sitting out and becomes too warm. You can also add ice cubes to their water dish to keep the water cooler longer.

Exercise – limit your dogs exercise time outside if it is too hot so they do not over exert themselves. Also remember that side walks, deck boards, and pavement can become very hot when baking in the sun. Keep that in mind while walking your pet and make sure they do not hurt their feet by spending too much time walking on such surfaces. Do not let some animals out of the house if it is too hot – keep cats inside, as well as small animals that cannot take such high temperatures like guinea pigs.

The Car – it does not take that long for the inside of a vehicle to become hot, never leave pets in the car when it is hot outside.

I hope that you are all enjoying the summer and keeping safe in the heat!

To check out the full article see Yahoo voices.