Cute Super Bowl Commercials 2014

It is game day again, and we here at FT were watching for all the cute commercials.

On par with the past few years I have been disappointed with the quality of the commercials. Too few cute ones with some where you cannot believe the company was willing to spend millions to get that spot. Others had great potential only to include really odd content which prevented me from posting them, like the Muppets car commercial or Chobani bear commercial. Wonder when Coca-Cola will create another polar bear or seal commercial (their ad was very good, just not cute).

My cute picks:

1. Audi – Doberhuahua

This is kind of the feeling I get when people go crazy over new designer breeds. Not always, but sometimes. This commercial is sort of cute, and definitely sends a good message to take care when choosing your next dog so it fits your family and life style.

2. Budweiser – Puppy Love

How can you not love a commercial with an adorable puppy trying to come back to its horse friend? So much to love about this one!

Here is a video about training the animals:

Honorable mention:

1. Cheerios

I like the little girl’s style, go for that puppy!

2. Carmax – puppy version of their commercial

This is an honorable mention because I don’t think this actually played on tv, I think it was only online. ┬áBut this is just like the human version of the commercial, but with lots of puppies doing adorable things!

There was not much more to share from this one guys, sorry about that! Maybe next year will be better?