Cute Cake

It is time for another post of cute cake designs!

All cakes include a link to the bakers/bakeries that made them in case you are interested in ordering one of these designs or having them make something you are looking for.

1. Dragon Cake


I love this cake’s cute little wings and expression, the look is completed by his pot of gold. This cake is from Cakes by Eve.

2. Baby Lamb Cakes


Aww, little woolly lambs! These cakes come from D Bar Desserts.

3. Yorkshire Terrier Cake


The detail in the fur and coloring on the dog is absolutely stunning! I would love to be able to add this level of fur detail to my own baking. This cake comes from D Bar Desserts.

4. Peacock Cake


I love peacocks! Cakes often  have a more artistic or strange representation, but this one is both cute and elegant. I would definitely buy one of these cakes! Another wonderful example of work from D Bar Desserts.

5. Ark Cake


Noah’s ark is always a cute choice for a baby shower or young child’s birthday. This cute cake comes from Gateaux Inc.

6. Otter Cake


Otters holding hands is adorable, and they make an excellent topper for a wedding or anniversary cake. This is another fine example from Gateaux Inc.

7. Cow and Chicken


The cow’s hooves and little ears are precious and I love the coconut (or chocolate shaving?) feathers on the chicken! These cakes can be ordered from Sweet and Saucy Shop.

8. Lions


The detail on this cake is very nice and displays the bakers ability to portray animals. This cake comes from Sugarland.

9. Rubber Duckie


Rubber Duckies are always cute for kids! This design costs $340 from Sharon Wee Creations.

10. Sea Turtle


Sea turtles are cute too, this cake comes from Palermo’s Custom Cakes and Bakery.

11. Owl


A cute owl wearing a bow with little wings and tiny feet, a very nice cake for a girl’s birthday. This cake is just one example of the whimsical and professional designs from Lulu Custom Cake Boutique.

12. King Charles Cavalier

Dog Cake 004

Again the fur detail in this fashion makes a cute, cuddly looking cake! Heavenly Bites Cakes created this puppy, you can read more about in on her blog here.


More Cute Cake

I am continually amazed by people’s creativity and their ability to craft cuteness into baked goods! Here are more images of cute cakes and cupcakes I have happened upon:

Chewbacca and a Storm Trooper — from domestic geek

Grey Cat Cake — from Coco Cake Cupcakes

Wild Things! — also by Coco Cake Cupcakes

Adorable pumpkin cupcakes by Coco Cake

Cute Japanese cupcakes

Bumble bees! — from

Also from epicute, whale cupcakes

Snowmen! — from the cakejournal

More adorable snowmen, from

Owl Cupcakes — from Catching Fireflies Blog

The link will tell you how to make these wonderful little guys

Totoro Cake — from

From the same company, a wonderful lion cake:

Puppy cupcakes — from

Garfield — from

Cute Octopus — from

Chick and Lamb — from