While searching the internet for guinea pig related things I found

The site’s banner

Here you can find all sorts of information about guinea pigs (also known as a cavy), where to adopt them, a store for gifts and books, and lots of pictures!

adoptable guinea pigs

The store on the site is an amazing place! Here are some items you can buy:

1. Tote bag $6.50

2. CavyCozy$8.25

Guineas love to hide, it makes them feel safe and these are a cute and wonderful item to make your pet feel loved. These come in a variety of patterns, check the store out to see for yourself.

Guinea in a cozy:

3. Magnets $6.75

4. Note cards — assortments from $1.50 for a single card to $6.50 for a pack.

5. PigFeeps!

These are adorable little guinea pig statues. Each is a one of a kind, and they are currently on sale for $10.25.

Look, it is a guinea pig dressed like a pirate!

They also have links to many other great sites that sell guinea pig themed and related items at their Madmarket.

If you are thinking about guinea pig ownership, please take a look at their care guide.

I love this site for what it can teach you about responsible pet ownership – always be an informed pet owner. A guinea pig, as with any other pet, should only be obtained after careful consideration of your life style and what the animal needs to be happy and healthy.

If you love or are interested in guinea pigs I encourage you to take a look at the site to see what they have to offer at!