Peeps are both adorable and edible!

Some people love them, some will only eat them stale, and others hate them. I think they are an adorable and irreplaceable part of Easter. Yes, they do make Peeps for almost any holiday now, I enjoy the original shapes the best. My favorite flavor of Peeps come out at Valentines however, with the strawberry and vanilla hearts. I think they may also make flavored eggs…or that could be discontinued, I do not know.

This year they also have chocolate covered peeps! Which solve the problem for people who hate that the outer coating of peeps is sugar. I tried one today, they are very good!

Peep Facts:

1. Peeps were originally made by hand, and it took 27 hours to make each one!

2. There are only 32 calories in each peep

3. Peeps are made by the Just Born Company, click the link to see a tour of making peeps.

4. Peeps expand when placed in the microwave

5. Peeps now come in a major variety of colors:

6. Peeps make great subjects for art projects:

7. Peeps make a great science project. Check out to see all of the experiments!