Lucky the Dog

Lucky the dog, who holds the world record for animal most photographed with different celebrities (more than 300!), is going to have a wedding! While that might sound strange, the event is all for a good reason with charity in mind.

Betty White with Lucky:

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First, here is some back story: Lucky is a very pampered little white Maltese, who was a rescue, now living a life of luxury in Manhattan. Her owner, Wendy Diamond, founded Animal Fair Media to promote fairness for animals and rescues. Lucky has become somewhat of the company’s spokesdog – getting to meet the stars and have photos with them to share on the company website in an area called “Who Got Lucky?” She has helped to raise money for many different rescue organizations.

Lucky with owner Wendy

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Animal Fair’s website explains some further accomplishments for Lucky: ” She’s the Chair Dog of the Katrina Pet Memorial, and also has a wing named after her at the Humane Society of New York, honoring all she does to help animals in need worldwide. Some animal-related organizations that Lucky has aided through charity and media attention include: Delta Society, Humane Society of New York, PACT, Pixie Project, Elephant Nature Park, IFAW and the list goes on!”

What exactly is the wedding all about?

Lucky has been diagnosed with spleen cancer and may only have a few months left to live. Lucky was cancer free after treatment, but the survial rate for this type of cancer is only 5%. Facing this, Wendy decided to find Wendy a “mate” – someone to end up replacing her as animal spokesmen for Animal Fair. Wendy has organized this with lots of flair and publicity – and a couple events to help continue to raise money for her and Lucky’s cause.

This May Lucky had a bridal shower, in which she wore a frilly pink dress and got to lick icing off of cupcakes.

Picture from abc news/animal fair

The wedding is scheduled for July 12, and 300  guests were invited. The cost to attend is $200, all proceeds benefit the Human Society of New York. There will be an orchestra, a doggy buffet, and dog ring bearer and flower girl. The groom is, as of yet, unknown. The lucky groom will be chosen by an online competition on the animal fair website where anyone can enter their dog to eventually take Lucky’s place.  Applications can be made on Facebook or at, and the winner will be the one with the most votes. Cats are also allowed to apply. The winner will be announced June 28, 2 weeks before the wedding.

You can read more about the wedding at abc news.